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We believe that dance artists are more than ever capable of empowering and transforming both personal and social domains of life and having a positive impact on our physical and ecological surroundings. Therefore, our courses are designed to enable dance artists to develop into highly skilled performers and excellent craftsmen in creating and performing dance in and for different contexts. They develop unique and critical artistic voices that contribute to a diversity of practices and learn to find their own landscape in which to move. Our students are acknowledged throughout the world and have reach, ambition and impact-today.

Our approach

We offer an environment where individual and collaborative learning are equally prized. People with different backgrounds but with a similar interest in dance art and its potential to evoke change, join to acquire new knowledge and skills. Jointly the community commits to being a learner, to establish a culture with an open, creative and healthy atmosphere and to take responsibility for their own and others learning processes.

Our profiles

Our main profiles are Dance Arts in Context and Choreography. The first one has two branches of training: Contemporary and Contemporary Urban. Our students are challenged to unfold their individual artistic language as performers through our outstanding training and research programs, and collaborations with other art disciplines in and outside the theatre. The Bachelor of Choreography educates choreographers with a broad contemporary vision on creation. It is a vibrant and dynamic artistic community that explores creating in both practical and theoretical experiential learning, in a participative and co-creative way.

Our campus

Fontys Dance Academy shares the beautiful building of Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts with fourteen other art educations in the heart of Tilburg. It is a warm, lively and inspiring place where students from different disciplines meet and learn together.

Our invitation

We invite talented, hard-working, bright-thinking dancers from different backgrounds with an urgent interest in resonant dance making to join our program.

Fontys Dance Academy
Zwijsenplein 1
5038 TZ Tilburg

Auditions and Open Days

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  • Fontys Dance Academy (copy)

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Dans Magazine is een must-read voor iedereen die graag naar dans kijkt, dans maakt, dans leert en vooral dans doet. Of je nu professioneel danser bent of dat ambieert, of je nu wedstrijden/voorstellingen danst of juist bezoekt. Met heel veel praktische en inspirerende tips & trucs, exclusieve kijkjes achter de schermen, gesprekken met dansers en choreografen en inside information uit de danswereld. 

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In dit online magazine van de makers van Dans Magazine vind je redactionele artikelen en artikelen die zijn aangeleverd door onze partners en ambassadeurs. Niets uit deze uitgave mag worden vermenigvuldigd en/of openbaar gemaakt zonder schriftelijke toestemming van de uitgever. Maar delen mag!

Dans Magazine is een uitgave van Virtùmedia


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